James e. Woody is one of the world's first proclaimed and recognized African-American Abstract Transpersonal Expressionist Artist.

Woody has strong interests in the future of humanity and big picture questions. Founder of the Be Remarkable Group, he conducts research and advocates for social impact investing and interested in a variety of topics at the intersection of art, technology and psychology, such as using social agents and the impact of emerging technologies on human social interactions and emotional well-being.

Woody’s paintings are reflections of our new realities and will continue to trend because they are fundamentally focused on self-realization and design psychology, tools used to create inspiring places.

Blue-chip artists of the 21st century are in demand

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Through your sharing many shall be saved and all will prosper.

Woody’s paintings are collected by art luminaries, visionaries and champions of philanthropy. His beautiful artworks communicate with the viewer and are positioned to grow in value over time. Select paintings are now available via the Be Sensitive Art Gifting Project.

Be Sensitive to yourself, our environment and each other.

Woody believes that social Impact Investing is an approach to mobilizing private capital to create economic returns that will help achieve social and environmental goals. He is the founder of the Be Sensitive-Be Remarkable Movement.