There is space and opportunity at every phase for reinvention.

Derivatives of the abstract expressionist and action art movements, Woody’s paintings are not just pictures, they are expressive events with their power derived from creating paintings.

Woody’s paintings are owned & sought after by informed eclectic art collectors and champions of philanthropy.

It’s long been a maxim that has defined the philosophical relationship between a collector and their art. This motivation to acquire or commission great works of art has taken many forms since the advent of the Renaissance patronage. For the royal courts, it was power and prestige; for the aristocracy, recreation and pleasure; for the great industrialists, cultural refinement; and for the avant-garde, social stratification.

“Transpersonal Art accurately reflects the multiplicity of our reality, by expressing the realm of our primary meaning, a universal mode of consciousness that envisions life as sacred. These images may appear mystical, literal or conceptual, because the abstract elements vary as representation of the known, the less known, and the unknown. Whether you view Transpersonal Art as simply a mirror of ordinary biological urges or as contact with other worlds filled with living beings, what is certain, is they are our collective dreams and visions, the dramatic personae of your own imagination realized as an independent entity with a life of its own.”  James e. Woody, © 1988.

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