James e. Woody, Founder

Be Sensitive Studio

Woody’s painting depict forms of cognition and depths of feeling; a catalyst for discovering your empowered inner wisdom. LEARN MORE

New Heroes Are On The Rise

We’re a collaborative portal sharing priorities and focus with some amazing communities, funding and media platforms.

Global Innovation Exchange (GIE)

mission is to help scale the most promising global development innovation.


Be Remarkable Digital Business Card

Did you know that 88% of paper business cards that are handed out are thrown away in the first week?  Do you want a way to engage your contacts instantly with videos, websites, and social media links?

Personal Interactive Information Cards

Be Sensitive Foundation

An advocate that seeks to encourage opportunities for young people engaged in socially beneficial innovations. LEARN MORE

We’re empowering social innovators, ensuring they receive the support and capital needed to help prove their impact and value.

The Global Impact Investment Network

works with impact investors to help advance their practices.



Be Remarkable Group, Inc.

An advocate for social innovation, raising public awareness and the engagement of social impact investments. LEARN MORE

We believe innovation-drives change to enhance and strengthen the systems that improve our lives. SeeMeFunded.com

UNLEASH Global Innovation Lab 

is a collaborating on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Did you know 10 Billion business cards are printed yearly in the U.S. alone? Be Remarkable Cards are contact-free, paperless business cards you can share with anyone, anywhere, all the time.

BeRemarkable Digital Cards